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  • 5 Tips to Tackle Textured Skin

    Blemishes, blackheads, and zits. These are often the main targets of your skincare routine. But, if you really want to get a smooth and radiant complexion, skin texture should also be a priority.   Having rough, uneven textured skin is something people often notice last but solving it is actually... View Post
  • Hi beauties,   Tanned skin makes the illusion of a healthier body and skin because it actually makes imperfections look less obvious. This is why a lot of people don’t mind getting burned under the sun despite the risks involved.   Getting a nice tan can be enticing but that nice summer glow is,... View Post
  • Have you ever noticed that your skin feels different from season to season? Or, have you ever noticed the changes in your skin when you travel to a place with a different climate?  This could be your skin’s way of reacting to humidity.   What is humidity?   Places with different climates also exp... View Post