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  • Hi beauties! Have you seen those magnetic eyelash ads out there? We sure have and it looks magical. Imagine a world where you won't need to go through eyelash extensions or suffer through the pain of gluing on your falsies? We don't ask for much 😅 After so many instagram ad temptations, we finall... View Post
  • Hi lovelies,  Skin care routines are always personalized based on what your skin needs. But it's important to layer them correctly in order to get the full benefits from your products! No matter what you use in your routine if you use less or more, the form of layering should look like this below... View Post
  • To all my beautiful people,  How are we coping with lockdowns? I'm sure we're all dealing with overgrown nails, eyelash extensions that are hanging by a thread and overgrown roots that are in need of a touch up.  I think it's safe to say that we are all going through the same thing and trying to ... View Post