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Beauty Trends

  • Hi beauties! Have you seen those magnetic eyelash ads out there? We sure have and it looks magical. Imagine a world where you won't need to go through eyelash extensions or suffer through the pain of gluing on your falsies? We don't ask for much 😅 After so many instagram ad temptations, we finall... View Post
  • Hi skincare junkies! Don’t you get confused when you hear about the different types of laser treatments that are out there these days? Whether you’re interested in improving skin tone or texture, scar removal, removing unwanted hair, or anti-aging procedures, there is probably a suitable treatmen... View Post
  • Hi lovelies!Calling out 1990 babies, this is your last year in your 20's. We always desire flawless, 'younger', plumper looking skin, it's not doubt why you'd wonder if Botox is a good option for you. It can provide you with both cosmetic and pain relief benefits, but it does have some risks you ... View Post