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Beauty Tips

  • So based on our last blog about BB and CC creams, we’re going to go into picking the right type of foundation today. Maybe some days you want to have more coverage or you just love the makeup look! We’re not judging, we love it too. Let’s get straight to it! Choose one based on your skin type.Th... View Post
  • What is BB or CC Cream?

    Don’t you get confused when you hear BB and CC creams? I was always confused walking into a store when the sales rep tells me all of this information. And for years tbh, I’d always listen to what the sales rep had to say cause they knew better right? Not always. They tell you what you... View Post
  • 新年快乐! With Chinese New Year just around the corner, it's time to step up your game. It feels like we've just celebrated (...we kind of did) Christmas and NYE with endless eating and it's about to be round 2.  We've got to get our skin clear and some last minute detoxing to look our best. Eve... View Post